Welcome to Compass Medical Resources!

Who Are We?
We are an innovative, comprehensive company that can satisfy all of your medical record needs.  There is no other company like ours within Louisiana.  There are individuals that are providing the same service and they are doing an outstanding job.  We feel, however, that we have met their standards and have surpassed them.  Inside you will find how we have set the bar for medical record review. 
It is really simple. We believe in following Einstein’s advice in his quote: ““If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough”
How Do We Do It?
Just exactly how did we set the bar so high? We accomplished this through a diverse personnel resource.  Each of our consultants has a minimum of seven years in the medical field.  Their experience in addition to their medical training ranges from:

Ø  Emergency medicine

Ø  Internal medicine

Ø  Forensics

Ø  Respiratory

Ø  Cardiology

Ø  Anatomy/Physiology

Ø  Injury Pattern Prediction

Ø  Hazmat Incidents

§  Exposures

Ø  Medical Malpractice

Ø  Psychology/Psychiatry

Ø  Criminology

Ø  Emergency Operations

Ø  Ambulance Operations

Ø  Protocol Analysis

Ø  Mass Casualty Incident Analysis

Ø  Negligence

Ø  Workman’s Compensation Claims- plaintiff and defendant

Ø  Malpractice

Ø  Personal Injury

Ø  Fire Operations

Ø  Home Health Issues

Ø  U.S. Coast Guard Regulations

Ø  Refinery Operations,

§  specifically hydrocarbons and their effects on the body both long and short term

Ø  Spanish Medical Translation

Ø  Injury pattern and prediction based on mechanism of injury

Ø  Neonatology

Ø  Pathology

Ø  Etiology

Ø  Safety and OSHA

Ø  Obstetrics/Gynecology
As you can see, diversity is how we have set the bar and set it very high.  In combination with their extra experience, the total medical knowledge base of our consultants’ approaches 160 years combined.  Due to the increase in Arabic population, we are currently in negotiations for obtaining an Arabic translator.
Facts are the Facts
This is the basis for what we provide. Information that is accurate, precise and easy to understand.  We take the complicated and make it understandable.  Information and knowledge is the root of our company.  The capacity to take that information and put it into terminology that everyone can understand takes patience while keeping its meaning precise and accurate. 

We do not make assumptions with the records that are given to us for review. The facts are just that, facts.  We take that information, analyze it, break it down if needed or compare what is written to what was supposed to have been done as in a medical malpractice, personal injury, workman’s comp etc.  We are available for plaintiff or defendant. We maintain a non-biased approach. By having the resource pool that we do, we can assure there is no conflict of interest between the case and the consultant. 

We also go to great extremes to ensure accuracy and precision of your documents. We go through a two-stage internal review process. Once a consultant is assigned a case, they will do a review based on what our client needs.  Then, it is sent to a second consultant for a cursory analysis.  They do not have any contact with each other regarding the information given. The two opinions are compared to check if anything was missed or misinterpreted.  By doing so, we deliver that accuracy and precision you need.

To ensure greater precision, we have two paralegals on staff that can review the final documents if needed to provide the proper format that you require.

An initial analysis can be done on your case to see if there is even is a viable case.  Our personnel are trained in injury patterns based on the mechanism of the injury. In some circumstances, we can look at the scene or vehicle and determine if the damage done can cause the injuries reported.  What does this mean for you? Less money invested in a case that may not be worth it!

How We Can Benefit You?


·         When you take a case, we understand that you are making a personal investment in that case wanting a return on your money.  With our plan, we feel that we have come up with that solution for you.  We realize that outsourcing can become overloading at times and we have gone to great lengths to minimize those expenses.

·         There is no contingency fee.  We do not charge a percentage of the settlement.  You will know exactly what your costs are before your case is settled.

·         After doing some market surveys, we feel we have come up with the most cost effective way for you to manage your case.  Of course, the decision on how much money to invest on your medical records if your prerogative.

·         A cursory review can be done. At five hours, we can do a cursory reading of the records then issue an opinion letter.

·         At this point, you have the control if you want to proceed further.  If you choose to do so, the case and records will be sent back to the same original consultant for continued analysis.  The reason for that is they are already familiar with the case. This additional 10 hours should be enough to completely analyze the records and give you a complete report.  We have found that it takes an average of 15-17 hours to completely review, analyze and translate a 600-page medical record file depending on the detail of the records. In this additional 10 hours, if we have completed the review before that time, you are only billed for the time used. We do not bill for the complete 10 hours if it only takes seven!  However, if reviewing the information takes more than 10 hours due to the complicity of the records, you will be contacted before proceeding.  Once we receive your approval or decision to stop, we will not continue the review. Again, you have control of how much money you want to invest in a case. This is what sets us above the rest.


By sending the case to the most appropriate consultant, this ensures you getting your case reviewed and returned in a timely manner. Since that time equates into money spent, it is our priority to get you the results you need in the quickest manner possible. Diversity is the key component. By providing the fastest service possible, this in turn keeps the client satisfied, hopefully returning to our company for future needs and referring us to other clients.


We have been given the honor of having a humbling list of medical professionals in the Baton Rouge area that feel we have the morals and ethics to fulfill your case needs. They all agree that we are unique in our approach to this field by having resources on hand.  They can be provided upon request.

Where Do We Service?

Obviously, we can service the entire state of Louisiana and travel to any city should you need expert witness testimony. However, with today’s technology we can internet conference anywhere in the United States and service firms in any state. 

How Secure Is Your Information?

We are utilizing a three system back up to keep your information secure and safe.  We utilize online backup services as well as offline backup and storage in 2 separate locations.  The offline back up hard drives are stored in fireproof safes at the end of each day. We do this because one copy is invaluable. Three copies ensure your records are safe in the event of a computer problem.  How many companies go to these lengths?

In addition to having your files secure, every consultant is familiar with HIPAA and its regulations.  Since we will be dealing with your case’s medical records, we adhere to the same strict privacy standards in guarding the information.